Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homecoming Dance!

We spoke this morning with the owner of Alaska Photobooth Company, and she let us know that they won't be posting Homecoming Dance images on Facebook....BUT, she will share a CD and we can post some of them here on the blog! That might take several days, but we'll let you know when we have them.

And here are a few shots, courtesy of Alumni Relations' Heather Karwowski, who worked the Homecoming Dance on behalf of the UAA Alumni Association, the group that sponsored the two photobooths at the dance. As you can see from the pix, they were a hit! So stay tuned here over the next several days and we'll share some pix.

What is it about photobooths that brings out the fun in us?

Happy Homecoming!

Ready for a Homecoming Dance!

Heather Karwowski, working on behalf of Alumni, who sponsored the fun Photobooth.

And, since we all love pictures so much, we want to share this album, posted on the UAA Homecoming page on Facebook. Have a little deja vu fun scanning back over all the amazing activities last week, from the Massive Monkees, to Hannibal Buress, to The Exchange and A Cappella Festivella. Oh, and the Shopping Cart Parade and the Kendall Hockey Classic VICTORY for the Seawolves. All in all, a good time. Hope you had massive amounts of fun at Homecoming 2012.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Behind the scenes makes Homecoming happen

This post is a thank you to all the students, volunteers and staff who work behind the scenes to help make Homecoming a big success. Thank you to Audriana Pleas (Audri to us), KRUA station manager and a member of UAA's Concert Board,  who sent these in Saturday.
Here's Audri, tabling at the Hannibal Buress concert!

Joe Selmont and Garren Volper cleaning up after the A Cappella Festivella.
KRUA's mid-day reception for Radio Land. Handing out chips, red vines and free CD's. Thank you Tanner Thomas and Lawrence Hoeschel.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Shopping cart madness - finale edition!

Alumni get in on the Homecoming fun

UAA Alumni Relations and the UAA Alumni Association have been active in Homecoming this year. They hosted one of Thursday's three "Good Morning, Seawolves" brunches; their spot was in the Administration/Humanities Lobby, for which many students were grateful ;-).

Later that day, they hosted an Alumni Reception in the Wendy Williamson Lobby before the 19th annual A Cappella Festivella. Here's a few shots, courtesy of Heather Karwowski of Alumni Relations.

Heather ready to welcome the alumni.

The reception for UAA Alumni drew a crowd,

Definitely a happy customer.
Getting a chance to reconnect.

Cool new alumni poster, with an alum!

More Shopping Cart Parade madness

Thank you to UAA Advancement's Erin Hooley for her take on the parade. She's the master of UAA's photoblog, called Northern Exposures. Here's just a taste of what you will find there, so go visit!

Jill and the Tiny Giant!

Shopping Cart photo madness begins!

You saw a lot of people at the Shopping Cart Parade with cameras. Here's some of their work.

Thanks to James Finger of UAA Advancement for these shots of Thursday's parade:

The man in gold skin!

Cool guy in Medieval-looking shirt.
Everybody gets a headband.


Spandex has its advantages!

Singing down the Wendy: A Cappella Festivella with The Exchange

This report comes from tonight's performances at the A Cappella Festivella:
"The A Cappella Festivella is going so well! The headliners rocking out to a Carly Rae Jepson song. And THAT'S always a good time!

--Sofia Fouquet
The Exchange in action at A Cappella Festivella, the 19th time UAA has hosted it. 
Joe Selmont writes: "Looking for Volunteers."
The audience looks packed and engaged. Were you there? What did you like about their performance? Did you "volunteer?"